Construction of the largest stock-office town in the Baltics has started


“SBA Urban”, which is developing business towns in Lithuania, has started construction of the first “Urban HUB” in the Kaunas district. The largest retail, office and logistics (stock-office) project in the Baltic States is expected to be completed in record time. The start of construction of the more than 70,000 sqm campus was marked by a unique living “capsule” ceremony.

A unique start for a regionally significant business town

“We will invest more than €100 million to create a whole city of businesses in a strategic location near Kaunas. Urban HUB will house companies from more than 100 different sectors with over 800 employees. The businesses that will relocate here will find flexible retail, logistics, product display and production spaces. We symbolically marked the start of construction of the fast-growing business city by placing bee hives in a scaled-down replica of the Urban HUB, which are already carrying out logistical, production and other operations. They will soon be joined by various Lithuanian and foreign capital companies,” says Giedrius Muliuolis, CEO of “Urban HUB”.

“I believe that the commerce town in Biruliškės will be worthy of pride because “SBA Urban” is a socially responsible company with vast experience, whose work is based on the principles of architectural excellence, green economy, sustainability, and harmony with the environment. It is also important that the solid investment will help create a launching pad for new businesses and stimulate the region’s economy,” emphasised Valerijus Makūnas, the Mayor of Kaunas District.

According to. G. Muliuolis, “Urban HUB” project’s first stage, totalling 22,000 sq. m. of space and 4 buildings, is planned to be developed by “SBA Urban” at record speed – in just 9 months. In fact, the pace was kept up thanks to the team’s hard work: “Even before the start of construction, we ordered the foundations, made the columns and trusses, and stored them while waiting for the start. Solutions like this and others like it can help optimise construction work and take months off the deadline,” says Muliuolis.

According to the project’s general contractor, Kęstutis Vanagas, head of “YIT Lietuva”, the project is ambitious in terms of architecture, technology and deadlines.

“The first building’s wreath will be raised on the roof just after three months, at the beginning of September, while the installation of the unique façade will be completed shortly thereafter. Normally, projects of this scale take a year and more to complete. But the ambition will be realised through careful preparation in advance and efficient hour-by-hour planning. The use of modern digital construction technologies will help avoid mistakes, and the quality materials used in the construction are a contribution to sustainability, which remains a top priority in the “Urban HUB” project,” says K. Vanagas.

In parallel to the “Urban HUB” project in the Kaunas district, a 20,000 sqm stock-office project is being developed in Vilnius, near Ukmergės Street. Construction work is expected to start this month, and the first businesses will start in mid-2024.

Bees – a sustainable tradition

At the groundbreaking symbolic ceremony for the “Urban HUB”, a specially designed beehive – a replica of the “Urban HUB” – was created by another SBA company “Šilutės baldai”. According to Dr. Algirdas Amšiejus, a well-known beekeeper, once the construction work is completed, the bees will find the “Urban HUB” environment extremely convenient and comfortable. The surrounding area is full of meadows, nearby gardens full of blossoming flowers and trees.

While construction is underway, the bee colonies will be temporarily accommodated near the Business Centre developed by “SBA Urban”, “Kauno baldai”.

SBA Group launched the “LetsBeeFriends!” initiative a few years ago to promote beekeeping in the city and draw attention to the extinction of these vital animals. During the initiative, SBA companies placed nearly 30 bee colonies on or near their premises and invited other businesses and public authorities to join the initiative. Since the start of the campaign, Vilnius Municipality, the Seimas, and the company “Moodys” have already placed beehives on their roofs. Other businesses are planning to do the same in the near future.

Urban HUB stock office statys YIT Lietuva


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