Urban HUB expantion near Kaunas – YIT Lietuva is starting the second phase of construction


In Kaunas, while the construction works of the first stage of the new concept shopping and business city “Urban HUB” developed by “SBA Urban” continue, the second stage is starting. Almost 10 million EUR value project will be implemented by the sustainable urban and infrastructure development company “YIT Lietuva”. Different businesses and the “Iki” shopping center will be located in the new building of the office, trade and logistics project in Kaunas.


A++ energy efficiency class, one-story with mezzanine, almost 6,000 sq. m. m area commercial building will be constructed during the development of the second stage of “Urban HUB” in Kaunas. An underground parking lot with 142 parking spaces will be installed nearby. 5 of them are planned for the transport of the disabled, 66 for electric cars. The customer’s investment in the “Urban HUB” project during all stages will reach about 100 million. euros.


The new building will house various companies.  Shopping center “Iki” will move into 1700 sq. m of space. The retail company IKI will become the largest tenant of the Urban HUB project. Other various smaller tenants like a pharmacy, specialized food products, daily services will locate nearby. In total, more than 100 different types of businesses are expected to be located in the multifunctional office, trade and logistics project.


“This project coming up near Kaunas is really ambitious both in terms and a scope of works. Therefore, we use modern digital construction technologies and competences, as well as the experience from the first phase, to carry out the works. Works started at the beginning of this year will be finished by the end of 2024. We value the sustainable urban development of the city and we are proud to be a part in creation of a modern, sustainable and advanced commercial space that is perfectly adapted to the needs of business”, says Kęstutis Vanagas, the managing director of the YIT Lietuva company.


“Together with the experienced YIT Lietuva team, we are creating new concept spaces in the Kaunas district, where the first businesses will be located already this summer. The second phase of Urban HUB development started earlier than planned – we feel the need for modern and promising projects in a promising location. We believe that faster construction works and the second stage implemented with experienced partners will become an important part of the region for businesses and residents”, says Giedrius Muliuolis, head of Urban HUB.


In parallel with the Kaunas district project, Urban HUB is also being built by YIT Lietuva in Vilnius, near Ukmergės street. 22,000 sq. m. 30 businesses will be located in the spaces – from small manufacturers, specialized goods suppliers to grocery stores, cafes and leisure spaces.

Urban HUB stock office statys YIT Lietuva


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