Lonas to open its new concept shopping space in Urban HUB Kaunas


Lonas, the well-known brand of beds, mattresses, and bedroom accessories, will be one of the first to be located in the SBA Group’s commerce and business city Urban HUB in Kaunas district. The team will set up a 465 sqm retail space and a storage area. In addition to this, Lonas plans to invite a partner to join and offer customers design and manufacture furniture for the bedroom, kitchen or living room.

‘We believe in this project and its long-term success. We do not doubt that more customers will soon discover the convenience of this location,’ says Domas Jakutis, the CEO of Lonas.

When asked what determined the decision to locate the commercial space at Urban HUB Kaunas, D. Jakutis lists the positive factors: ‘The company and the people with whom the long-term lease contract will be signed, their values, the reputation of the location, convenient transport links, parking opportunities, other businesses in the vicinity, colleagues and competitors.’

‘Together with the Lonas team, we aim to create comfortable and cosy spaces for the customers coming to Urban HUB. The project allows us to plan the space flexibly, allowing us to offer our customers new concepts and even more convenient shopping solutions. We will soon start fitting out the space and Lonas plans to open the newest showroom this summer’, – says Giedrius Muliuolis, CEO of Urban HUB.

According to D. Jakutis, the SBA Group’s project with the reliable team that developed the project was one of the decisive factors. ‘The flexibility of the rental plan is also important: we have the freedom to move however we want. We appreciate both the concept of the Urban HUB as a whole in attracting sustainable businesses, and the orientation towards the customer who will not only be able to buy the goods or services they need, but also to spend quality time here,’ he adds.

Urban HUB in Kaunas, Lonas, has a planned warehouse and exhibition space of 465 sqm. ‘We usually deliver large products to buyers with our transport, but in the Urban HUB showroom we will be able to hand over the products to those who want to take them out right here and now,’ D. Jakutis explained. ‘We will set up the showroom so the selection and delivery of the products on display will be easy and simple for customers. Of course, we will also be able to offer a greater variety of products in the showroom.’

When asked what the most prominent unique feature of the company’s showroom Urban HUB in Kaunas is, D. Jakutis identifies an advantage that is of particular relevance to the clients: ‘To offer a broader range of services to our clients, Lonas is inviting a partner to be located on the mezzanine floor and aims to provide our clients with the services of designing and manufacturing of non-standard furniture for a bedroom, kitchen or living room.’

Urban HUB is currently in the middle of the first phase of construction in Kaunas district, next to the A1 Vilnius–Klaipėda and A6 roads, and is expected to be completed in the spring of 2024. The Urban HUB team will offer 70,000 sqm of commercial space for lease in the project, which will be completed in three phases by the end of 2026.

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