The first indoor padel arena in the Vilnius district will be located in Urban HUB: lease agreed for almost 3000 sqm of rental space


SBA Group’s Urban HUB project in Vilnius is filling up with tenants—the lease of more than 2,750 sqm of space has been agreed with A2 Vilnius Padel Academy. This will be the first and largest indoor padel arena in the Vilnius district, with eight modern courts suitable for international competitions. The padel academy is scheduled to open its doors in July this year.

The first and most modern arena in Vilnius district

“We have noticed a trend that with the growing popularity of padel tennis in major cities, the challenge is to find premises that meet the highest standards of the game. We have designed the Urban HUB project in Vilnius so that the areas here can be easily adapted for different activities. The 22,000 sqm project is currently more than 40% leased, with construction almost complete and an expected opening in July, when most tenants will open their doors. We estimate that by July, Urban HUB in Vilnius will have leased more than 50% of its premises,” says Lina Zamalytė-Krikščiūnienė, Head of Real Estate Leasing Projects, Urban HUB.

The new padel arena will occupy an area of almost seven basketball courts, so it is building not only padel infrastructure but a comprehensive wellness complex as well. The Vilnius padel arena will also include a café-bar, a lounge area for spectators and players, a sporting goods store, saunas, a functional zone for warming up, and massage and physiotherapy rooms. The eight modern playing courts will meet the highest standards of the International Padel Federation, so high-level competitions are planned.

“Together with the Urban HUB team, we are confident that we can create an exceptional infrastructure for active leisure enthusiasts in Vilnius and the Vilnius district. The premises allow us to create a complex club with more courts, relaxation and wellness spaces. We want our padel arena to be a welcoming environment for sports and leisure – the residents of this part of Vilnius are very active, so we want to become part of their community by organising events and charity initiatives. We estimate that the padel arena will be visited by 10-15 thousand players per month,” says Aidas Stražnickas, founder of Vilnius Padel Club, A2.

Modernising padel infrastructure

Five years ago, as the game of padel was gaining momentum, padel arenas in Lithuania were located in vacant spaces—with lower ceilings, without any additional wellness services, in non-efficient buildings. As new alternatives emerged on the market, padel arena operators started to choose modern venues that offer a wider variety of active and leisure facilities.

According to Stražnickas, the arena’s potential location is also essential for the lease deal with Urban HUB. It is within a radius of 5 km, with over 169,000 residents living and working here. Hence, such infrastructure needs to be easily accessible by car or public transport and for the residents of the Vilnius district within walking distance.  The project’s infrastructure is also of equal importance- from optimising the maintenance costs of the premises to having a convenient parking lot.

The construction of the Urban HUB in the Vilnius district, near Ukmergės Street, is nearing completion. The yellow and green facade finishes are scheduled to be installed in May, and the minor architectural details, landscaping, and pathways will be finished in June. The 22,000 sqm space is planned to accommodate over 30 businesses, including a supermarket, a leisure space, a pharmacy, a variety of speciality shops and service providers, and stock-office clients who combine office, retail and warehouse space. SBA Group’s Urban HUB in Vilnius is financed by the Estonian bank BigBank. The company TABA Invest, owned by businessman Tautvydas Barštys and his son, has invested in both locations. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is also investing EUR 30 million.

Urban HUB stock office


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