YIT Lietuva to build Urban HUB in Vilnius for 23 million Euro


Construction of 22 000 sq. m area business town “Urban HUB” next to the capital’s Ukmergė street was entrusted to the sustainable urban development and construction company “YIT Lietuva”. Business town is being developed by “SBA Urban”. The project partners signed a general contract worth almost 23 million. euros. The work is expected to be completed by the middle of 2024 . “YIT Lietuva” is also building a new concept office, trade and logistics (stock-office) town “Urban HUB” near Kaunas.

The Urban HUB, being developed by SBA Urban, the real estate development company of the SBA Group, will be located next to Vilnius and Kaunas, and are stock-office projects of the type that are currently gaining popularity in Western and Central Europe. Offering office, warehouse and retail space in one place for businesses, the Urban HUB stock-office campus in Kaunas district will be the largest of its kind in the Baltic region.

“We appreciate the continued cooperation and are proud to have become the implementers of this project. After signing the general contract for “Urban HUB” near Kaunas, we are also starting construction in Vilnius. This is a truly ambitious project that popularizes a modern and sustainable business model in Lithuania. We will use all available competences, practical experience and sustainable as well as innovative solutions applied in our activities for the construction of the project. All this led to the trust of the partners, which has already been verified by the previous implemented projects”, notes the CEO of “YIT Lietuva” Kęstutis Vanagas.

Giedrius Muliuolis, head of the Urban HUB, says that the development of such model in the two largest cities of Lithuania can be ensured by concentrating the best practical experience, professionalism and the speed and quality of work implementation.

“Urban HUB” Vilnius is the second project of the network, the development of which we started in parallel with the project in Kaunas district. During the first stages, we will offer over 40,000 sq.m. of modern and flexible premises for business, and after the implementation of the entire project – as much as 90,000 sq. m. We feel the rapidly growing market demand for stock-office-type premises, and we believe that the partnership with the highly experienced YIT Lietuva team will help build the project in a high-quality, fast and timely manner,” says G. Muliuolis.

“Urban HUB” Vilnius will have goods and service providers in one place adapted to trade, logistics and customer service, or different combinations of these premises. The one-story building with an entresol also has space for cafes and offices. It is planned that 30 businesses will be located in the spaces of the office, trade and logistics town “Urban HUB” Vilnius – from small manufacturers, suppliers of specialized goods to grocery stores, cafes and leisure spaces.

It is expected that around 200 employees will be able to work here. The stock-office is planned by dividing spaces into separate groups of commercial premises of various sizes, called “boxes”. The project was developed by world-renowned Danish sustainable architecture developers PLH Architects. The implementation of their vision was undertaken by the company “Projektų rengimo biuras”, led by Audrius Arbačiauskas. The project team paid particular attention to environmentally friendly solutions.

Urban HUB Vilnius, an A++ energy efficiency class stock-office+ campus, will seek the BREEAM In-use Excellent sustainability certificate. The building will be equipped with green energy, and the project solutions are focused on the use of sustainable materials and the infrastructure of a more sustainable lifestyle, green spaces. The town will have a parking lot with 340 spaces, of which about 70 are for electric cars. 50 bicycle parking spaces are also planned.

“YIT Lietuva” takes care of the construction of the building as well as managing the surrounding infrastructure. A section of Ožerūčių street, almost 0.3 km long, will be built next to “Urban HUB” in the Vilnius district.

Currently, “YIT Lietuva” is building the “Urban HUB” stock-office campus in Kaunas district, also “Pon.Bike” bicycle factory in Kėdainiai Free Economic Zone (LEZ), business center on Sporto Street in Vilnius, continuing the development of the “Sky Office” business center project in the Viršuliškės district of the capital. In Kaunas, in Aleksotas district, near Nemunas Island and the city center, the company is developing a new modern residential block “Matau Kauną” and continues the development of “Piliamiestis”. The last apartment building of the “Matau Vilnių” project is being built in the center of Vilnius, the expansion of the “Naujasis Skansenas” quarter is being implemented in Šnipiškės area in Vilnius. In Riga, the company is building the “Presses nama” multifunctional center. The company has already formed more than two-thirds of infrastructure business this year’s basket.

Urban HUB stock office


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