Paulini garmet cleaning centre to open new spaces in Urban HUB Vilnius


Paulini, one of the country’s largest garment cleaning service chains, will open its newest location within the premises of the Urban HUB project that SBA Urban has developed near Vilnius. More than 1,300 m2 of space will include customer service areas, automated garment cleaning lines and an office. Spaces are expected to be in operation here by the summer of this year, following an investment of more than 700,000 EUR.

Business-specific premises

“We have designed the project in the Vilnius District in a way to let it accommodate businesses with specific needs. Collaborating with the Paulini team, we have adapted the spaces for office employees, customer service areas, along with a garment cleaning and repair centre with automated and robotic cleaning lines. With Paulini’s involvement, Urban HUB project in Vilnius has secured the booking or leasing of almost 6,700 m2 of space – this is more than 30 %. We believe that the growing Urban HUB community and its customers will appreciate the speed of service and the sustainability of the solutions implemented here,” said Giedrius Muliuolis, CEO of Urban HUB.

He mentioned that setting up an automated garment cleaning centre is a challenge. Still, the flexibility of the project and the engineering solutions that have been applied in it have made it possible to accommodate an office, a cleaning centre line and a customer service department.

“We are planning our business expansion with the utmost responsibility – sustainability and convenience are an integral part of the new spaces. At SBA Group’s Urban HUB, we had the opportunity to install the most innovative equipment and even more robotic solutions, as well as to provide a modern office for employees and cosy customer service areas. It is important for us that employees feel comfortable, that workplaces are ergonomic, that there are rest and leisure areas nearby, a spacious parking lot as well. We value every detail,” says Paulius Slavinskas, CEO of Paulini.

Automated and more sustainable cleaning solutions

In the new 1,300 m2 cleaning centre, Paulini will devote 80 m2 to office space, another 120 m2 to customer service areas and 40 m2 cleaning line. According to P. Slavinskas, it is expected to become one of the most modern garment cleaning plants in the Baltic States within a year.

“One of our main innovations is our fully automated solutions – from cleaning to transfer. In the automated ironing line, the garments will be delivered from the dry-cleaning machines to the operators by a robot, then handed over to the quality control department, at which point the order will be picked and packed by robots. Finally, the packed garments are transferred to a conveyor belt via an automated conveyor line, from which our couriers pick up the order for its delivery to the customer. This process will allow easier work for the specialists, and the clothes will be returned to the customers faster,” said P. Slavinskas.

He says that the team focuses on sustainable solutions in its operations, with careful consideration with regard to usage of the company’s business space. SBA Group’s retail and business city Urban HUB aspires to acquire BREEAM sustainability certification and supply only green energy to its customers – indeed, the energy class of its buildings is A++.

The Urban HUB near Vilnius offers its tenants over 20,000 m2 of flexible space available for different types of businesses. The project is expected to start during the summer of this year, with an investment of over 30 million EUR. At the same time, the construction work on the first phase of the 70,000 m2 Urban HUB campus currently in development in Biruliškės (Kaunas district), is progressing rapidly. The first tenants are expected to move in by mid-2024. A 1,700 m2 IKI shopping centre will also open at the end of 2024. The Urban HUB projects in Vilnius and Kaunas were developed under the auspices of the Danish architectural studio PLH Arkitekter, which YIT Lietuva manages the construction both projects.

Urban HUB stock office


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